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Starting in Our Own Backyard

Our strength is amplified with collective action. The support we receive is a huge driver of the important and impactful programming we create in the Bostom area. 


Founded in 2020 by Aiyana Spencer-Lakes, Jaudon Rainey, and Stephen Basden, Metafold and its existence come from a place of " wanting more" for our community through education and resources. We understand the value of community and supporting each other. We are passionate about motivating and inspiring ALL people, starting in our backyard. 


METAFOLD is a non-profit organization committed to effecting change in Boston and the surrounding areas through conversation, knowledge, obtaining of resources, and life guidance. 

Who & What is METAFOLD?


Continue to check back for ways to volunteer and Join our Newsletter to stay up to date on all things Metafold 

Next Event:

August 10th

12pm to 4pm 

Garvey Park, Boston, MA

The reality for any nonprofit organization is that fundraising is one of the most vital parts. Without the resources, we will not be able to achieve our mission year in and year out. Your monetary donations will go to things such as 

1.    Featured Guest Educators

2.    Free Seminars

3.    Free Public Events

4.    Administrative Upkeep


Have a friend or family member in mind that you think would benefit from knowing METAFOLD? Invite them to #Start In The Back Yard with us! 

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